Learned Mom has a Facebook Page

This is just a quick post to say that I made a Facebook page for this blog. You can follow this link to go there: Learned Mom Facebook .

Facebook picture of Learned Mom's page

I would love it if you would “Like” my page. On this Facebook page, I plan on sharing not only my content, but other content from around the web that you may find interesting. In the future, I will be adding other social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I’ll keep you updated as I do that.

Becoming the Learned Mom

Picture of laptop and books with definition of "learned"

If you just now found my blog, welcome! If you came back to read this next post, thank you! As you read my posts in the future, you may wonder why this blog has the name “Learned Mom.”

According to the Random House dictionary, to be “learned” is to be connected or involved with the pursuit of knowledge. There are other definitions which state that a person who is “learned” is an expert and has a great knowledge. I am more of the person who is knowledge-seeking and am by no means, an expert at anything. I have an absolute passion for learning, but I don’t know how to focus my interests in actually accomplishing all that I want to do with the knowledge I acquire . I have a tendency to jump from one thing to another and have numerous projects half-finished.  Not only is my house a cluttered disaster area, but I feel like my brain has also become a jumbled mess. I started this blog mainly to get a handle on how to hone my many interests while still keeping a clean house and my sanity. And, through the process, I hope I can help you, the reader, with anything I learn along the way. read more

Getting to Know the Learned Mom

photo of Shani

For the most part, this is the same information you can read in the About page. So, if you read that, feel free to skip this long introduction.

I’m Shani, a mother of two daughters and wife to a wonderful husband, Bill. I have one brother and am the daughter of two amazing parents who  raised  me in a loving and educational environment. I grew up in a family who dabbled in a variety of cultural experiences. A huge part of my life and our big family activity included theater performance. And, to this day both my brother and myself are professional actors (on a small-scale). read more