Winter Family Fun in Summit County

Winter Fun in Summit County, Ohio

My family plans on enjoying a staycation this winter holiday. Originally, we planned on going to Disney World because we have never been there for the Christmas season. Once I looked at the park traffic schedule, we decided against it. We are a family which avoids crowds and I didn’t realize that Christmas at Disney is one of the busiest times of the year. Visiting Disney at Christmas time is still on my bucket list, but we will do this in November when the crowds aren’t as bad. So, I am writing this post as a way to help plan what our family will be doing over the holidays. I realize many of my readers aren’t from Ohio, but this list may serve as a springboard for ideas to use for your own community. Please verify dates and times for the events which interest you. read more

Alliteration Books to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

alliteration books for young children

Have you been following along in my reading series?  As mentioned in a previous post, Great Rhyming Books, the first phonological skill developed is the enjoyment of rhyme and alliteration (developing around the age of 4). You can access the phonological development chart at Reading Rockets. Phonological skills are one of the building blocks to successful literacy. In the link of my post “Great Rhyming Books” listed above, I gave several examples of age-appropriate books which could be used to promote rhyming skills. In today’s post, I will give several examples of picture books which promote alliteration skills. read more

An Open Letter to my Daughters From a Theater Mom

Image with comedy/tragedy and chaos

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I have not been able to post for a while as my life was wonderfully interrupted with a theatrical production. I thought I would be able to write this while the production was going on, but I am not that organized. Being in a show seems to take up over 90% of my brain and most other parts of my life go by the wayside. This post serves as an apology to my kids for the way our household gets turned upside-down, inside-out, completely discombobulated, etc. while I am in a show.  As much as I love performing, there are reasons why I only do this a couple of times per year. Because I am already deficient in my physical organizational skills, this upheaval in our life seems to set me back tenfold every single time. I set up a house-cleaning system, then BAM! I’m in a show, and chaos ensues! This coupled with driving my children to an after-school activity which runs 7 days per week turns my brain to mush. So here goes….. read more