How to Keep your Toothbrush from Getting Nasty

Recently, I was contacted by Intellident to see if I would try out their Toothbrush Shield.  Intellident  is a company founded by Susan Klinsport. In 2008, Klinsport developed this product as a way to help protect the oral health of her own family.  Many years of testing and collaborating went into the production of this product.  Prior to receiving a package of toothbrush shields, I had often wondered about the nasty germs which may land on my children’s toothbrushes. I have heard various things about toilet germs spraying onto the toothbrushes…..Ewwww!  And, the back of the Intellident Toothbrush Shield’s box makes that same claim. Intellident states that flushing the toilet can contaminate objects within a 6-foot radius. This fact is a great reason to protect your toothbrush.

Reasons to Use Intellident Toothbrush Shields

There are various methods of how one should store a toothbrush. My husband and I have a toothbrush holder which keeps our toothbrushes upright (and exposes our brushes to the “elements”). Even though they are exposed, this seems to work well for us and we have not had issues with illnesses.  The standard upright toothbrush holder doesn’t work for my kids. They used to use this, but the toothbrushes would only end up on the sink countertop sitting in puddles of water from when they washed their hands. They have started storing them in the medicine cabinet which is much better than the countertop, but I still feel like they end up in a pile of filth which accumulates throughout the week. I looked up toothbrush storing recommendations from the American Dental Association.  You can read the recommendations at the following link: ADA’s recommendations.The ADA states that toothbrushes should be stored upright and that they should not be covered. Covering toothbrushes creates a humid environment and makes the toothbrushes more susceptible to bacteria growth. The ADA also lists many other recommendations which are worth reading at the above link.   Intellident Shield The Intellident Toothbrush Shield covers your toothbrush. However, it is different from the plastic travel covers you often see. On the Intellident site, you can read that “plastic caps and covers retain moisture and constrict air flow making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.”  The Toothbrush Shield is made from a “breathable” mesh cotton material. Intellident toothbrush shieldThe packaging states that the shield “blocks microbes as it wicks moisture away from brush bristles.” It has been tested to be 99.9% effective barrier against airborne and surface bacteria. If you are going to cover your toothbrush, this could be the way to go because the air circulation isn’t as much of an issue. Plus, you are instructed to replace the shield every 7 days. For maximum protection, Intellident recommends changing it every 3-4 days. For our family, changing them once a week is preferable because we can schedule it on the same day each week, making this task easier to remember. Each package contains 10 disposable shields. Each shield is individually packaged in a peelable paper cover which is a little difficult to open. There is  an opening for your toothbrush. Intellident Toothbrush ShieldMy youngest daughter needs help getting the toothbrush into the slot the first time it is used, but she can do it independently after that. Both of the girls like the shields and I like knowing that their toothbrushes aren’t sitting right on top of germs. I also like that my oldest daughter can throw the toothbrush into her ballet bag and the shield sits on her brush securely. I’m not as worried about her storing her toothbrush in her ballet bag. The only negative I can see for these covers is that you have to be vigilant about changing them. Intellident also sent me a mouthguard shield which I didn’t use since we don’t have a need for that. You can read more about that and the Intellident Company on their website The toothbrush shields run $2.99 on both and at the time this writing. sells them for $2.47 at the time of this writing and I am able to order these for free pickup at my local Walmart. The toothbrush shields are an item I would recommend especially if your kids are on the messy side. *Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes only. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own.

My Goals for 2016

My 2016: changing my life one day at a time
For my first post of the year, I thought it would be fitting to do a goal post. I have always loosely set goals in the past. As a result, I often didn’t feel like I accomplished much during the year.  This year I wanted to hold myself more accountable by displaying all my goals  for the internet world to see. I will probably regret this a year from now, but I’m going to give it a go. *Disclaimer: Some of my links direct you to my affiliate links for Amazon. There is a chance of me earning a commission on some of these products.

Personal GoalsPersonal goals

1. Eat a healthy diet and cut down on the number of fast food trips we make. Last year, we didn’t eat the healthiest and bought many convenience foods. I will plan ahead this year so we eat many more meals at home. 2. Exercise daily. Get at least 10,000 steps per day and do at least 3 other workouts per week. I just got a new Fitbit Charge HR like this one. I love this Fitbit because it measures my heart rate as well as tracks my steps. 3. Lose 10 pounds. Over the last year, I have put on weight. Being just a little over 5 feet, a weight gain like that is rather noticeable.  Part of the weight gain is related to my age.  Being in my 40s, I can no longer eat the way I used to and I need to realize my metabolism is not what it once was. The other reason for my weight gain is due to a lot of unhealthy choices through grief eating. I spent a good portion of my time grieving the death of my mother-in-law by eating. Most of the time, I didn’t even realize I was eating. I’d pass by the pantry and find comfort in a few granola bars. Granola bars, no matter how healthy,  can definitely pack on the pounds if eaten in large quantities. 4. Drink more water. I drink a lot of coffee, but I don’t drink enough water. At most, I drink 24 oz. per day. I would like to drink at least the recommended 64 oz. 5. Read 52 books this year. I joined the Goodreads challenge. If you have a Goodreads account, you can become my friend here to see what  I’m reading. I am going to try an A to Z challenge where I read a book starting with each letter of the alphabet and then a book from an author starting with each letter of the alphabet. So far, I have read Animal Farm and am now reading The Book Thief. I found the idea for this challenge on Read 52 books in 52 weeks. 6. Reach out to family and friends more. We are so consumed with  life’s mundane details that we don’t take enough time to savor moments with family and friends. 7. Grow spiritually. We go to church each week, but I know that is not enough to fulfill my spiritual needs. I would like to find a good devotional so that I can address this need on a daily basis. 8. Crochet or make one thing per week. Crochet goalsI would like to fill my Etsy store with a lot more items. Right now, I am going to take an Etsy break until I have more inventory. I don’t know how to fit this in my schedule, but I want to figure this out by the end of the year. 9. Finish at least 2 Udemy courses or Skillshare courses per month. I enjoy taking online classes and have learned so much from them. I want to continue to learn a variety of skills during 2016. 10. Participate in the fatmumslim photo challenge and improve my photography this year. I love taking pictures and I want to learn more about photography. If you want to join in this challenge, you can find it at Photo a Day at I like her challenges because they cause me to take the time to be mindful about the process of taking a photo. I’ve noticed it also is allowing me to find moments throughout the day I might not have paid attention to before. You can follow my Instagram account here: Learned Mom’s Instagram account.

Family Goals

11. Spend more focused time with my kids. I get so distracted by everything that needs to get done at home that I feel like I’m not always giving my kids my full attention. I want to spend more time one on one with my children this year. I would like to set up a one-on-one monthly date with both of my children. 12. Encourage our family to do more for other people. We are extremely busy, as most families are, and it seems like we don’t spend enough time doing charitable work or enough time doing things for other people. I would like to get into a habit of performing one family act of kindness each goals   13. Go on a date with my husband at least once a month. I can’t think of the last time my husband and I went on a date. We spend a lot of quality time together at home, but we don’t ever go anywhere together without the kids. I want to make date time more of a priority. I found some great winter date ideas at this webpage:  Club 31 Women. 14. Spend more time reading aloud to my kids. Right now we are reading

Anne of Green Gables read more